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Free Glucose Testers for People with Diabetes

One of the basic things that a person who has diabetes should have with him or her at all times is a glucose testers. Glucose Testers are very important for diabetics because they will know the current glucose levels in their body at any given time. For those who are on strict diets, glucose testers will be of great help in monitoring what is going on with the glucose levels in the body. Having a good glucose monitor will help a person control his or her diabetes easier, along with other devices and medications. glucose testers are an integral part in the monitoring of diabetes. glucose testers could already save lives of diabetics.Kids Diabetes

What is a glucose tester?

Glucose testers (or diabetic meters) are small handheld devices that give an approximate reading of the current blood glucose levels of a person. This is an essential part of the continuous blood glucose monitoring done at home, especially for those who have diabetes. With a glucose monitor at home, people could keep track of their glucose levels and thus avoid getting into trouble (sudden shooting up or down of the blood glucose levels). A well-monitored blood glucose level could result to a reduction in the possibility of developing severe and long-term complications and this could be achieved with the help of a good glucose monitor.

However, there are a lot of diabetic meters sold in the market and it could be quite difficult to choose which of the glucose testerswould be the best. There are a lot of types of glucose testers and it would be best to list down the different features that a person with diabetes would like their glucose monitor to have. The glucose testers come in lots of different shapes and sizes and each has its own unique features that separates it from other available meters. Choosing the perfect glucose meter is paramount to getting the best blood glucose monitoring device for your diabetes. Having a reliable glucose tester will enable you to keep tabs on your current glucose levels.On the go Diabetes

Glucose Testers for on the go!

For those who are always on the run, there are glucose testers that are very handy and are hassle free to use. The TRUE2go Glucose Tester is said to be the world's smallest glucose meter. It also needs a smaller amount of blood when it test your blood glucose level. Compared to other diabetic meters, this is truly very small and handy. For people that wish to have different testing sites, the TRUEresult Glucose Tester gives the diabetics more freedom especially in choosing the sites that they could draw blood from. When other diabetic meters need the fingertips to draw blood from, this glucose monitor could also draw blood from the forearm without affecting the results. diabetic meters can be flexible, too.

Vision Impaired? We have glucose testers that are perfect for you.

For people who cannot see the readings on the meters, glucose meters like the Prodigy AutoCode Tester is perfect. This revolutionary glucose meter comes with an audio feature, which enables it to "speak" the test results. The monitor also has audio promptings that instruct the user on how to go about the different testing steps. For those who are technologically-inclined, the Bayer Contour USB Glucose Tester could be the glucose meter that you need. Truly a state of the art glucose monitor, it enables people to insert it into a USB hub after inserting the glucose test strip with blood and the results show on the screen. It also comes with a diabetes management software that stores up to 2,000 glucose test results. It helps you check your progress. For those who need diabetic meters that help them compare the glucose levels that they had before and after eating, as well as how effective they are with their food portions, the OneTouch Ultra2 tester is the best. This glucose monitor will help people to check if they are within the range that is known to be safe.

Choose the meter that is right for you.

When choosing diabetic testers, it's important to keep in mind what glucose testers are designed for. There are so many glucose testers on the market and these meters are very helpful in preventing complications with diabetes. Good diabetic testers can help diabetics to keep track of their glucose levels at all times. The glucose meters all have features that will suit the different needs of the users. Glucose meters should be handy so that they can be carried around easily, and glucose testers should be used frequently in order to check glucose levels. diabetic meters are a must-have.


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The Contour USB Tester by Bayer gives you easy access to the knowledge you need to help better manage your diabetes. Get yours today to plug into a whole new experience that includes:

Contour USB Meter with Cap Off
  • AutoLog technology for intuitive marking of pre-meal and post-meal test results
  • Plug & play technology for instant access to patterns and trends
  • 2000-result memory that supports long-term trend tracking
  • Quick and easy diabetes data sharing
  • Brightly colored display and lighted test strip port
  • Rechargeable battery that can charge from any USB port
  • USB-connector and integrated diabetes management software

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